Philips HD Ready Televisions
Philips HD Ready LCD and Plasma Televisions.
Philips HD Ready Televisions
LCD and Plamsa HD Ready Televisions by Philips

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Buy your Philips full HD television from the best and cheapest online UK shops and stores. Flat TV - LCD - Two sheets of polarised transparent material, one with a special polymer coating that holds liquid crystals, are adhered together. Electric current is passed through individual crystals, which interpret the information from the broadcast signal to allow or disallow light through them to create an image.

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Philips HD Ready Televisions

Full PHilips HD
This display has a resolution that is referred to as Full HD. With state-of-the-art LCD screen technology it has the full High Definition widescreen resolution of 1920 x 1080p. This is the highest resolution that HD broadcast can transmit. It allows the best possible picture quality from any format of HD input signal. It produces brilliant flickerfree progressive scan pictures with optimum brightness and superb colours. This vibrant and sharp image will provide you with an enhanced viewing experience.

Philips HD Ready
Enjoy the exceptional picture quality of a true High Definition TV signal and be fully prepared for HD sources like HDTV broadcast, Blu-ray Dsic or HD DVD. HD ready is a protected label that offers picture quality beyond that of progressive scan. It conforms to strict standards laid out by EICTA to offer a HD screen that displays the benefits of resolution and picture quality of a High Definition TV signal. It has a universal connection for both analog YPbPr and uncompressed digital connection of DVI or HDMI, supporting HDCP. It can display 720p, and 1080i signals at 50 and 60Hz

32PFL7962D/05, 32PFL9632D/10, 37PFL9632D/10, 37PFL9732D/10, 42PFL7962D/05, 42PFL9632D/10, 42PFL9732D/10, 47PFL9632D/10, 52PFL9632D/10, 42PFL9900D/10